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bow kill zone 13.

Welcome to Jersey Whitetail Productions, also known as Spykbuc Outdoor Video Productions.  We are a unique, New Jersey based outdoor video production company specializing in video taping Jersey whitetail deer hunts.  Jersey Whitetail Productions is a group of family and friends who hunt whitetail deer and record our hunts to produce hunting videos based only here in New Jersey.  All of our hunts are as real as it gets.  You will NOT find any Hollywood, fake or staged hunting scenes on our video.  Nor will you find any made up stuff the hunting video world has come to.

How real is it?  Well as of October 2008 we began to use up to four (4) video cameras on our hunts, usually two in the tree and two on the ground to capture all angles of the hunt and shot.  It is real and true hunting, under fair chase conditions by all Jersey Whitetail hunters.  The hunting world does not recognize New Jersey as a record deer producing state but as we live and hunt here we know different.  New Jersey has a quality deer population and many a great buck have been taken in the Garden State. 

Our hunter's hunt in several different regions throughout the state; from the densely forested southern-region know as the Jersey Pine Barrens, to the BIG hard-woods of the northern-region of North Jersey.  We utilize several State Wildlife Management Areas (WMA's) to make the hunt fair-chase and to demonstrate that New Jersey has a quality whitetail deer population.  On occasion, our team will sneak out to Pennsylvania and New York for a hunt or two.

For the 2007/2008 hunting season we have successfully captured 24 exciting hunts with the bow, shotgun, black powder rifle, and two crossbow hunts from disabled hunters.  18 of those hunts made it to our final cut to produce our first hunting DVD called JERSEY WHITETAIL.  Our hunts were filmed in zones 51, 50, 21, 18, 16, 10, 8, and 13. Yes, sadly, we also captured several misses with the bow.  This is all real hunting from real hunters and all of our hunts are fair chase.    

Thank you for visiting our site.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  This is our sport, lets keep it that way.


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