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         This is dedicated to the outstanding game taken in        the State of New Jersey.

Have your hunting photo's added here to our TROPHY ROOM.  The requirements are simple.  The Photo's of your deer, turkey, bear, or small game must be harvested in the State of New Jersey.  Submit your photo's to me, jimmy@jerseywhitetails.com  

Tell us your story of your hunt.  It can be your first kill, a hunt with a family member, an old friend, your biggest or just a great hunt.  Send us your photo and a short story of the hunt including the county, zone and what season the hunt took place and if possible how much it dress out and maybe the score of the rack.  You can submit as many entries as you want so lets see what our fellow guys and gals have to show off.  Thanks Jimmy K.

These photos are submitted by Dennis Bush.  Dennis took this buck in DMZ 37 during the 08 special permit Black Powder season in Fort Dix.  The buck dressed 157 pounds and it has an estimated score of 150 plus inches and 14 scorable points. This is a great pine buck thank you Dennis for sharing your hunt with us this is really a great buck.

dennis bush buck Dennis bushs buck

This buck was submitted by Julio Santiago who is a co-founder of Outdoors Addiction.  Julio took this Jersey trophy during 2008 early fall bow season in Millstone, NJ.  The buck has a rough score of 125" and dressed 145 pounds.  Julio was able to capture this hunt on video by himself and you will all be able to view this hunt when they publish their second hunting DVD in 2009.  Julio thanks for sharing this great Jersey buck on Jersey Whitetails.  You the man.

This is a buck I shot on opening day of the 2003 shotgun season.  It was extremely cold out and windy.  I took this buck in zone 21 in Southern County on the Greenwood WMA.  The buck had 9 score-able points and was aged at 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 years old and according to the biologist and it could have been older. She said she had never seen a deer in the wild with teeth as worn as his.  The buck dressed only 90 pounds.


This Giant South Jersey 11 pointer was taken during the 1992 Black
Powder Season by Scott Sprague.  The buck scored 140" and
dressed 90 pounds.  We hunted this buck during the fall bow
but he was no where to be found.  This is the biggest set of bone
I have put my hands on shot in Waretown.  The buck scored within
the top five biggest taken with a black powder rifle for Ocean County
as of 1992.


This BIG North Jersey 9 pointer was taken by me during the 2008 permit bow season in zone 13 Somerset County.  We saw this buck many times on the trail camera in September but nothing in October.  On November 10th he showed up and did not leave.  I captured this hunt on video.  The buck dressed 140 pounds and aged at 4 and a half years old according to his teeth.

This is my biggest buck to date.  I filmed Mary on the 27th of October.  The plans was for her to shot a deer.  We grunted the Brute in and she had just shot over his back.  The buck had stuck around and I was able to get a walking away shot at him and put him down.  He is a nice 9 pointer that we took in our zone 13 stand.  he dressed 150 pounds.  This hunt was also captured on video.

This zone 19 buck was submitted by Stephen Fox.  Stephen took this giant 8 pointer during the beginning of the 2008 fall bow season.  Stephen had seen this buck many times on the scouting camera but never during the daylight hours.  So he formulated a plan of attack and backed off the baited area 400 to 500 yards on a dry creek-bed along with his hunting buddy Tom Cramer of Full Phase Outdoors.  On a afternoon hunt on the 6th of October this buck came within bow range and Stephen took the giant.  The buck dressed 173 pounds and had a live weight of 233 pounds.  Tom Cramer had recorded this exciting hunt on video for Stephen and it is the 4th kill they captured here in New Jersey.  Stephen thanks for sharing this great story and great hunt hope to see more.

This photo was submitted by Stephen Fox.  This is a hunting story of first blood.  Stephen Fox had taken this young youth hunter for his hunting test and he had passed all three.  On November 15th 2008 they had decided to take Dylan bow hunting in their zone 49 stand.  While they were walking into the stand they saw this buck 60 yards away.  Stephen stated to Dylan who was also with his father that they were going to get this buck.  This buck was 60 yards away from them under the stand.  They slowly stalked up with 20 yards and they had the wind in their face and the buck was looking away.  Dylans father was also there to video the hunt and when he was given the signal to grunt, his father grunted and that got the buck to turn around and get moving to them.  Dylan got a 16 yards double lung shot on this guy while on the ground.  The buck ran 50 yards or so and expired.  This is Dylans first buck which has a green score of 110 inches and dressed 163 pounds. Great job Dylan on a great hunt from ground level.  This hunt is going to be hard to beat.

These two photos were Submitted by Kyle Osiecki a 17 year veteran of the Jersey woods.  Kyle took this NJ buck during the 2008 NJ 6-day firearm season.  Kyle was sitting in his stand Tuesday of the gun week and he saw this buck about 150 yards away chasing some doe.  As luck would have it the buck made his way to kyle and he was able to put this guy down with one shot with his Remington 12ga super mag.  Kyle thought the buck was a 4 or 6 pointer but ended up being a nice 9 pointer which dressed 148 pounds taken in zone 23.  Nice buck Kyle thanks for sharing.

These two photos of this North Jersey buck were submitted by Dan Koval.  This Buck was shot during the 2008 fall bow season in Chester NJ.  The buck was shot near a heavily hunted area of state land in zone 8.  The buck is currently at the taxidermy but when Dan gets him back he will have this Jersey Giant scored.  Nice buck Dan thanks for sharing him.

Photos submitted by Anthony LaFerrara of Whippany. His story.

During permit bow in zone 13 I harvested this main frame 8 with 4 additional smaller and broken tines, this old guy was rutting hard.

It was an afternoon hunt. I had been in the stand for a few hours. It was getting dark and the few smaller deer that were hanging around me for most of the day had left and I thought my day was over. I decided to sit down, as I was standing in case any shooters came my way. I heard some footsteps crunching the leaves off to my right, I figured it was another immature yearling, boy was I wrong. As I glanced over to my right I noticed what I thought was the largest deer I had ever seen while hunting barely 6 yards away. I said to myself, "you moron, you are going to blow a shot at the biggest deer of your life because you are messing around on your phone."

I had to act fast so I threw my phone in my vest, he heard something, looked up and trotted away to about 16 yards. He stopped, turned so that he was quartering towards me, I drew back and let it fly. I heard that familiar sound and watched him run away and pile up about 80 yards away. I called my Dad and my hunting buddies in a panic, they kept me calm. I waited 20 plus minutes, got down, of course this time I couldn't find my light. I used my phone to look around the spot where I thought I shot him, I was pretty certain I made a good hit but it was dark and it was the biggest deer I had come across while hunting so there was a little doubt and there it was a pool of blood. I have never been so excited in my entire life.

I waited for my Dad and his friend Brian to come with a few flashlights. We tracked the blood trail for a liitle while, we found my arrow covered in good blood, completely in tact, not far away from the arrow the old boy was laying just beyond a log. When I layed my hands on those antlers I was happier than I can ever remember being. A lifetime goal of mine has been accomplished. I am a bowhunter for life.
Great Story and Great Hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Bill Tallman took the nice Jersey 9 pointer at 6 yards while hunting on the ground.  This buck ended the regular fall bow season.  Another great Jersey deer.

This buck was submitted by Angelo.  He had emailed me early in the hunting season about filming deer.  He made it clear he was going out to get it done.  Well Angelo got it done with this sweet jersey buck.  Looks like a real nice 8 pointer. 

2008/2009 hunting photos.

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